ShopWave Limited was established in January 2019 by a group of partners from three different countries; USA, Canada and Nigeria

ShopWave has a physical shopping center in Nigeria and world class online shop stocked with Quality, beautiful and affordable products. Our Products cut across so many categories like fashion, electronics, groceries etc. Our delivery and administrative system is effective.

ShopWave Limited also has a simple, achievable and sustainable multilevel marketing platform that gives you an opportunity to earn big, shop for free with various incentives (TV, Fridge, washing machine etc) and a car worth 6 Million Naira.

ShopWave Limited is also involved in Charity and Empowerment programs, profits from sales of products are also used in training youths on vocations and start up capital, support to orphanages and widows etc.

Just like the word 'Wave' symbolises a regularly recurring event, shopwave aims to provide her members a regularly recurring free shopping experience and meeting the basic, financial and domestic needs of her members through the power of networking.

In ShopWave, you are sure of the future, there are no limitations. See you at the top!


Creating a global network for shopping and meeting the basic, domestic and financial needs of our members


Our Mission is to give everyone an unforgettable shopping experience and to provide a platform for empowerment and wealth creation.


Giving You a Better Life!