Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Terms and Conditions in order to understand the legal process of ShopWave Program.

How does it work?

ShopWave Limited has a simple, achievable and sustainable multilevel marketing platform that gives you an opportunity to earn big, shop for free with various incentives (TV, Fridge, washing machine etc) and a car worth 6 Million Naira.

How do I register?

To register, simply click here and provide all necessary details. After you have registered, you will need to pay the necessary registration fee in order to activate your account and gain access to your dashboard.

What is the refund policy?

Everyone pays a one time registration fee that is distributed immediately, hence there is no refund.

What do I benefit?

You can earn a lot of cash prizes and incentives depending on your current stage per time. As your downlines keep referring other people, your matrix grows bigger till you get to the stage where you win a car worth 6 Million Naira. And as a member, you have access to purchasing our products at affordable prices. You also get a gift pack. Please note that gift pack is whatever the company chooses to give you.. You also get 2% cash back of whatever anybody buys using your user id. Please click here to view all our amazing cash rewards and incentives.

Can I monetize my reward?

Every earnings is 40% Product and 60% Cash

What is the guarantee?

We are professionals with years of experience in personal sales. Apart from that our board of directors are sincere humanitarians.